Embrace the beauty of Dominican hair care

At Bonita Hair Salon, we are a team of dedicated professionals with over 10 years of history. Our stylists are not just experts in their fields; they are advisors who rely on a wealth of knowledge and experience. They approach each client with humility and openness, valuing different perspectives and listening carefully to your needs.

Our ethos is based on optimism. With a decade of experience, we aim to see the beauty and potential in everything, maintaining a positive attitude while understanding what is achievable. This mindset helps us create hair solutions that are both inspiring and realistic.

Passion and enthusiasm drive us. We find joy in caring for our clients, helping them rediscover their wellness and beauty. We serve with love and care, yet keep a professional balance. We listen to your wishes and provide expert advice to achieve the best results.

As in our field with ten years of experience, we have created spectacular transformations. We excel in envisioning and realizing the look you want. We work creatively to turn that vision into reality, offering practical and genuine solutions. The transformations we achieve are not just creative but truly achievable, reflecting our decade-long journey in enhancing beauty.

Since my beginnings in 2009, after migrating from the Dominican Republic to Melbourne, I always knew I wanted to leave a mark in the world of beauty. Inspired by my mother’s passion, I pursued my dream of owning my own salon while working and studying aesthetics. In 2013, that dream became a reality with the opening of Bonita Hair, a place where we not only transform looks but also empower our clients to shine on their own.

At Bonita Hair, we are known for our professionalism, the rich experience of our team, and our dedication to excellence in every haircut, coloring, or straightening we do. We take pride in our personal touch and in creating a friendly, positive environment. With great communication, we make sure we understand and meet every client’s needs.

Our team