Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Add length, volume, or a touch of glamour with our hair extension services. We offer a variety of methods to suit your preference and hair type.

  • Tape-Ins:

    Quick and easy to apply, tape-in extensions provide a seamless and natural addition to your hair.

  • Microlink:

    Microlink extensions offer a discreet and durable method to enhance your hair without the use of glue or heat.

  • Bond Gold:

    Experience a secure and long-lasting extension method with our bond gold technique, ideal for added length and volume.

  • Microlink I-tips:

    Enjoy flexibility and movement with I-tip extensions, attached using a microlink method for a natural look.

  • Fusion:

    Our fusion extensions provide a lasting and natural-looking solution, bonding strands to your hair for added fullness.